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Xilin Xiang, DDS

Dr. Xiang has over 30 years of clinical experience as a dentist. His patients benefit from his expertise in a variety of dental treatments, including Orthodontics, dental implant, root canal therapy, wisdom teeth extraction and general dentistry.

Dr. Xiang received his doctor of a dental degree from the Shanghai Second Medical University and practiced at the Ninth Hospital. These two separately rank No.1 Medical Science University and the best Dental hospital in Shanghai. He studied as a visiting scholar at the dental schools of the University of Michigan and the University of Louisville. During this time, he published twenty-two professional articles cumulatively.

For every type of treatment, Dr. Xiang takes patients’ health goal into account, and he values the discussions with patients about concerns before treatments and reflections after. Dr. Xiang strives to find the best treatment plan for each of his patients. He takes extra steps to ensure patients are cared for in a comfortable enviroment, and the treatment leads to the betterment of a patient's health. For this reason, He is often invited by other dental offices in San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose to complete dental implant and wisdom teeth extraction treatments.

He enjoys hiking and nature, fishing, home improvement projects, and reading new dental developments while spending time with his two cats.


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