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  1. Orthodontics & Orthopedic Dentistry Treatment
    Orthodontics & Orthopedic Dentistry Treatment
    For adults and children (orthopedic). Braces and Invisalign® available.
  2. Treatment of Periodontal (Gum) Diseases
    Treatment of Periodontal (Gum) Diseases
  3. Root Canal Therapy
    Root Canal Therapy


Maureen, WaterLase

Bill, Cleaning

Tory, Service

They use the modern ultra sound cleaning method. My teeth were carefully and thoroughly cleaned. Leaving the office I could feel how clean my teeth were. Both Dr. Xiang and the dental assistant were wonderful. Their office is very modern and comfortable. I will recommend to my family and friends. I couldn't be more pleased. 
Office staff were the friendliest, they were so understanding with my schedule and making my time work with theirs. The office was very clean and welcoming. They Definitely deserve all five stars and more!!! Thanks so much guys!
"After having this procedure [REPAIR for gum disease] done with a WaterLase, I would never want to have another procedure done with your conventional drills, and knives, and sutures, and everything - there's no need for it."

Alice and her kids, Service

Henny, wisdon teeth extraction with IV sedation

My kids and I are all in treatment here. They look forward to their appointments.The doctor is very detailed oriented and take pride in his work.I appreciate that he takes the time to listen to our concerns and answer are questions. 
Just got my wisdom teeth pulled out, and I actually feel great. I was scared and nervous before the procedure due to my sensitivity to pain. Dr. Xiang applied IV sedation and that made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I stayed relaxed through out the procedure and did not feel the instruments. I found the staff friendly and empathetic.

Graham, general practise

Over these years, I have done all kinds of services there, cleaning, deep cleaning, cavity filling, root canal, wisdom teeth extraction and I am very satisfied with Dr. Xiang's skills and the staff's warm attitude. 


Sun Dentistry

365 S. Redwood Avenue
San Jose, CA 95128